Vibration training a key workout component for NFL, college football players

Vibration training a key workout component for NFL, college football players

The award-winning 3G Cardio AVT 6.0 machine can give users strength training and cardio benefits.

More and more NFL teams and players have turned to Vibration Training to enhance their fitness levels. It’s also catching on with many college programs and making the way to even high school teams.

One of the biggest things football players look to get out of training on a vibration trainer such as a 3G Cardio Vibration Machine is to improve flexibility and agility, while also working fast-twitch muscles like never before. That not only leads to better performance, but injury prevention as well.

It’s estimated that half the NFL teams currently have vibration training facilities in their training rooms, while many players buy them for their own home gyms. All four NFL playoff finalists from the 2013 season, which wrapped up in 2014 use vibration training: the Super Bowl champion Seattle Seahawks, runner-up Denver Broncos, AFC runner-up New England Patriots and NFC runner-up San Francisco 49ers.

“It’s almost one of the best-kept secrets, but you can find lots of information about it,” Push Pedal Pull’s Doug Corson said of vibration training. “There are tons of celebrities that endorse (vibration training), but probably the most popular is about half the NFL teams are incorporating this into their workout programs.

“In the NFL world it’s not just about trying to get as strong as possible, but they also want to decrease the chance of getting injured. Injury prevention is such a huge component of what these things can do because they do help to increase your range of motion, flexibility and balance. That’s why we are starting to see some of the physical therapists endorsing or putting these into their practices.”

Corson is a big fan of award-winning 3G Cardio Vibration Trainers, selling and training on them.

“I’ve tried several different models because of my job,” said Corson, the sales director for Push Pedal Pull. “You just go out and kind of experiment with different ones. … For the overall value of 3G Cardio, I felt carrying their machines in our store was the direction we should go.”

Speed Strength Systems, the Midwest’s Premier Athletic Training Facility, gets players ready for the NFL Combine and Individual Pro Days. The Ohio-based training center also continues to work with players once they’re in the league.

Drafted athletes it’s worked with include Donte Witner 2006, Ted Ginn Jr. 2007, Mario Mannigham 2008, Julian Edelman 2009, Jamison Conz 2010, and Jeris Pendleton 2012.

In Speed Strength Systems mission statement, it includes, “Our philosophy is to provide the athlete with the greatest opportunities to reach maximum development of speed and power through the use of functional, ground based movements and strength exercises, olympic strength-power training to develop the fast-twitch muscles, heavy band resistance training, vibration training, improved flexibility, balance, agility, injury prevention, and sport-specific training.

People are often hooked on 3G Cardio Vibration Trainers, which come in 6.0, 5.0 and 3.0 models, after trying them just one time.
Vibration trainers are incredibly versatile in how people can use them and workouts can be scaled to benefit people of nearly all ages and fitness backgrounds. While many pro athletes and Olympians use vibration training machines, everyone from the average couple next door to senior citizens can get benefits from them.

“It’s meant for just about everybody,” said fitness trainer Megan Corson, who has a studio in Iowa in which she uses 3G Cardio Vibration Trainers.

Here’s a link to a TV segment featuring 3G Cardio Vibration Trainers.

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