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Elite EM X Elliptical Trainer


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  • USB Charging Port for Tablet and Mobile Devices
  • Tablet Shelf
  • FreeSync™ FTMS HD Smart Connect Bluetooth® and Non-Coded Wireless Heart Rate Strap Included.
  • Patented / Roller-Less 3 level adjustable Stride Length (18” Walk, 20’’ Jog, 23’’Run)
  • Commercial Construction / Two-Stage Drive System with Poly-V Belt.
  • 32 Levels of Silent Magnetic 2-Stage 1: 16.7 Transmission Flywheel Ratio. Trust us, this is good!
  • Smart BYOS “Bring Your Own Screen” Interactive 3rd Party Fitness App Connectivity
  • 5 Year Parts Warranty / 1 Year In-Home Labor Warranty / 1 Year Commercial Parts Warranty
  • Assembled Size: L49.2” x W 29.5” x H 65” Compact, Space Saving.
  • In-Use Size: L 66” x W 29.5” x H 65”
  • Carton/ Box Size: L 43” x W 15” x H 31” 157 Lbs.
  • Machine Weight: Unboxed: 143lbs / Boxed: 157lbs.
  • 350lbs Max. User Weight

Do You Know How To Shop For An Elliptical?

We do.

Other than price and durability, what are the most important factors?

  1. An adjustable stride is vital. One size does not fill all!
  2. A narrow stride width is also extremely important. (Sometimes referred to as Q factor)
  3. Heels up! An elliptical should allow your heel to lift naturally as you transfer your body weight from left to right.  A good quality elliptical should not force your heels upward.

Natural Feel with an 18”- 23” Adjustable Stride

No two strides are identical, so your elliptical should not be stuck at one fixed setting. The ‘role’ of a high-quality elliptical is not to create the motion but to get out of the way so your feet can move naturally. Try this out: Take a quick walk and notice how your heels move. When you walk or run, your feet (and heels) will move up and down as your body weight transfers from left to right. On an elliptical, your feet are in constant contact with the foot pedals, so if the stride angle or length is incorrect or does not feel natural, your body will be out of position. If not engineered correctly, ellipticals can cause more stress for your body than a treadmill or even walking outside. This is a big deal! Our 3G Cardio EM X Elliptical Trainer will provide a very safe and natural motion for walking and running and for users of all sizes.

3G Cardio Elite EM X Elliptical Trainer

Size Does Matter!

Have you ever wondered why most high-end ellipticals are so large? We have too! The reality is that ellipticals can take up little space, and we have proof! The compact, space-saving 3G Cardio EM X Elliptical is built like a tank with a fully adjustable stride from 18” to 23”. And best of all, the footprint is a mere 49” in length! Amazing.

Commercial Grade but Built for Anyone!

And the feel? We use a patented, roller-less stride mechanism that allows for maximum smoothness and reduced wear and tear. In other words, our elliptical will feel as smooth as glass. The best part of all? You can use this elliptical machine for casual walking or as a running machine! The perfect design for all types of users. A low 8” rear entry, soft pedal step-up height, easy-to-reach dual hand grips, easy-to-use upper electronics, and no membership required! Get on and go! The 3G Cardio EM X Elliptical Trainer is warrantied for both home and commercial use! The perfect fit into any home gym or workout room.

3G Cardio FreeSync™ with FTMS Bluetooth®

Get connected with FreeSync™ with FTMS Bluetooth® exclusively offered by 3G Cardio.

BYOS™ = Bring Your Own Screen.

Don’t get handcuffed by your exercise equipment!  FreeSync™ allows you to turn your tablet or mobile device into a fully interactive electronic display for free using FTMS Bluetooth.

As you are probably aware, many fitness equipment manufacturers try to lock you into a monthly recurring subscription fee, which can cost upwards of $40 a month (5 years = $2400).  If you choose not to enroll in the monthly membership, you may not have access to any built-in programs and virtually zero data.  In fact, some brands will only display speed and time on the screen.  Ridiculous.  Not to mention that if the embedded screen fails then you are out of luck!  Your fitness equipment is dead.

Jailbreak your Fitness Equipment!!

Turn your tablet or mobile device into a fully interactive display for free!  You don’t have to pay for technology you already own.  With 3G Cardio, you can own the best of both worlds.  If you want simple-to-use, old-school built-in programs, we have them.  No updates, no memberships, no problems!  If you want to connect to the world, we have that too, for free, with FreeSync™. Connect your 3G Cardio equipment to your tablet or phone with FreeSync™ using FTMS Bluetooth.

Enjoy an interactive experience by choosing different Play Store apps from Android™ and Apple ™ like Zwift™ or Kino Maps™ (some apps require monthly memberships) and let your tablet or mobile device become your fully functional, fully interactive electronic display.  FreeSync™ allows your device to change elevation or resistance, send and receive workout data and best of all, if you get bored with an app from the Google Play Store or Apple Store, simply find a new app and move on!


  • Level Control: 32 resistance levels.
  • Easy-to-read back-lit display.
  • Hand-held heart rate grips and wireless heart rate chest strap.
  • Included FTMS Bluetooth 4.0 & USB Charging port.
  • 9V 1.5A power supply



19 Built in Programs

  • P4 RAMP

  • P10 FAT BURN
  • P12 VALLEY
  • P14 H.R.C. (55%, 75%, 90%, T.H.R.)
  • P16 USER

3G Cardio Elite EM X Elliptical Trainer Drive System

  • Silent magnetic resistance system
  • Commercial Construction / Two-Stage drive system with Poly-V Belt
  • Transmission ratio: 1: 16.7
  • Flywheel mass: 26.4 LB Commercial Flywheel

3G Cardio Elite EM X Elliptical Trainer Warranty:

  • Residential Warranty (Home Use)
  • 5 Years parts / 1 year in home labor
  • Light Commercial Warranty
  • 1 Year parts / 1 year on site labor

Product Highlights

  • Patented / roller-less 3 level adjustable stride length (18” walk, 20’’jog, 23’’run)
  • Commercial 2-pulley drive wheel system.
  • 2.76” narrow pedal spacing provides a much more comfortable and natural feel.
  • 6.7’’ low step-up height for easy entry and exit.
  • Internal assembly joints are fitted with double commercial bearings for improved feel and durability.
  • Over-sized solid foot pedals for a more secure workout fit and feel.
  • Steel made, dual-action, high density foam upper body multi position handles for extra comfort.

  • Both forward & reverse motions offer various workout options.
  • Dual Interactive handheld heart rate grips and wireless contact heart rate strap included.
  • Unique triangular engineered base steel frame support for added durability.
  • Adjustable floor levelers on front and rear stabilizer feet.
  • Upgraded hidden 3-piece cranks for high end, smooth commercial feel and performance.
  • Large Transportation wheels on the front stabilizer bar for improved mobility.

3G Cardio Elite EM X Elliptical Trainer



Important Items:

White Glove Delivery And In-Home Installation

White Glove Delivery & In-Home Installation

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  1. brandon

    Love it! Small and simple.

  2. taylor_swifty

    I was wondering how this would feel but when the installer put it together I was super excited! It’s actually really nice, has good workout programs, and the bluetooth feature is super cool!

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