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The 3G Cardio Mission

With more than 60 years of combined experience in the health and fitness industry, our mission is simple, yet innovative.  We want to provide the best customer service you have ever received.  We realize this is quite a bold statement, but it is true.  Just look at our online reviews and you will see for yourself.  We will not rest until you are satisfied.  Want proof?  Call me (Bryan) directly on my mobile at 480-510-0170 and as co-owner of 3G Cardio I will personally see to it that your needs are met.

Our Arizona-based company’s “simple by design” philosophy means that we provide everything a person needs when it comes to fitness equipment — and nothing they don’t.

The emphasis is on the superior parts and functionality of our fitness machines, not on fancy electronic “extras” or forcing our customers into monthly subscription fees.   We still include outstanding entertainment and programming options, which can easily be upgraded with iPads or tablets, but we don’t add the unnecessary “bells and whistles” of competitors whose comparable machines cost thousands more.

Our business model allows us to deliver high-end equipment, service and customer support at prices that simply can’t be matched. We understand that consumers have countless options when it comes to fitness equipment. With that in mind, we work hard every day to always exceed your expectations!

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