Commercial Fitness Equipment for Hotels

If you are a hotel operations manager, you understand the importance of having a good exercise room for guests. It can help ensure customers who value fitness come back again and again.

Hotel managers also know the importance of balancing their budget.

The Arizona-based 3G Cardio Company is the best choice for award-winning, light to medium duty commercial exercise equipment, which is backed with a full corporate warranty.

A hotel fitness room doesn’t need treadmills or exercise bikes that are rated for heavy commercial use, like those in public gyms, which can cost $8,000 or more.

Hotel managers should consider 3G Cardio Commercial Fitness Equipment as the perfect middle ground for light to medium duty commercial exercise equipment.

The medium duty commercial lineup features the 3G Cardio Commercial Fitness Equipment Products to fill that in-between niche remarkably well.  3G Cardio is the obvious choice for remarkably good quality commercial products at a price point that will work for most budgets!

3G Cardio fitness equipment costs half the price of similar machines and is rated and warrantied for commercial use. Most residential equipment will not have a commercial warranty. 

The 3G Cardio commercial fitness equipment is rated for 6-8 hours usage per day, instead of 12-18 or more like public gyms. 3G Cardio equipment is perfect for the “non-membership” corporate environment like apartment buildings and smaller gyms.

So when it comes to Commercial Fitness Equipment for Hotels, check out 3G Cardio.