Commercial Fitness Equipment for Chiropractors

Some chiropractors keep specialty fitness equipment in their offices, whether it’s for the use of patients or their staff.

It’s nice to have a treadmill or exercise bike to get loosened up on before treatment, or maybe put in a full workout.

The workout equipment in a chiropractor’s office isn’t likely to get anywhere near the kind of use that it would in a public gym.

So a chiropractor doesn’t need full commercial, health club quality exercise equipment. There’s no reason to spend $8,000 on a treadmill that will only be used 3-4 hours a day. However, you will need something better than a light residential machine.

The 3G Cardio Company has equipment that fills the perfect middle ground, with light to medium duty commercial exercise equipment at a great price.

The 3G Cardio commercial fitness equipment features products that are rated for 6-8 hours usage per day.

3G Cardio equipment is perfect for the “non-membership” corporate environment like offices, apartment buildings and smaller gyms.

The 3G Cardio Commercial Fitness Equipment Products take care of the medium light commercial needs very well.  3G Cardio is the clear choice for top quality commercial products at a great price.

Remember, 3G Cardio is the best choice when it comes to Commercial Fitness Equipment for Chiropractors! 3G Cardio has top quality parts, elite performance and “best in class” commercial warranties.