Introducing the 3G Cardio Elite EM X Elliptical Trainer

Introducing the 3G Cardio Elite EM X Elliptical Trainer

Introducing the 3G Cardio Elite EM X Elliptical Trainer

3G Cardio Elite EM X Elliptical Trainer with FreeSync™ FTMS Bluetooth®

The 3G Cardio Elite EM X Elliptical Trainer is here!

The longtime Arizona-based 3G Cardio company has added a new elliptical trainer to its award-winning lineup of treadmills, exercise bikes, stair steppers and vibration training machines.
Founded in 2011, 3G Cardio has garnered a long list of awards in the fitness industry and five-star reviews on
With over 60 years of combined experience in the health and fitness industry, the co-owners of 3G Cardio are driven by a simple yet innovative mission. Our goal is to deliver unparalleled customer service, aiming to provide you with the best fitness equipment experience you’ve ever had.
We understand this claim may sound bold, but we invite you to explore our online reviews, try out our equipment and see for yourself.
3G Cardio’s “simple by design” philosophy means that we provide everything a person needs when it comes to fitness equipment — and nothing they don’t.

We prioritize the exceptional performance and functionality of our fitness machines, without burdening our customers with expensive electronic “extras” or monthly subscription fees.

While we provide outstanding entertainment and programming options, easily upgradable with mobile devices, iPads, or tablets, we steer clear of the unnecessary fancy “bells and whistles” offered by competitors, who charge exorbitant prices for comparable machines. Experience the essence of quality without breaking the bank!
The compact, space-saving 3G Cardio Elite EM X Elliptical is built like a tank with a fully adjustable stride from 18” to 23”. The footprint is a mere 49 inches in length, making it a good fit even for smaller workout spaces.
We use a patented, roller-less stride system that allows for maximum smoothness and reduced wear and tear. In other words, our elliptical will provide an extremely smooth workout that’s easy on the joints.
The best part of all? You can use this elliptical machine for casual walking, or as a running machine! Unlock our perfect 3G Cardio elliptical design that caters to users of all kinds!
Experience the ultimate convenience with our low 8″ rear entry, soft pedal step-up height, and easy-to-reach dual hand grips. Our user-friendly upper electronics and no membership required policy make it a smooth experience to get on and go!
The 3G Cardio EM X Elliptical Trainer has warranties for both home and commercial use! The perfect fit into any home gym or workout room.
Do not let your exercise equipment limit you! With FreeSync™, a feature exclusively offered by 3G Cardio, you can transform your tablet or mobile device into a fully interactive electronic display for free using FTMS Bluetooth technology.

BYOS = Bring Your Own Screen.

You’re probably well aware of how many fitness equipment manufacturers try to trap you with a hefty monthly subscription fee, costing a staggering $40 per month (that’s $2400 over 5 years!).
But here’s the catch: if you opt out of the monthly membership, you’re left with no built-in programs and virtually no data. Some brands even have the audacity to display only speed and time on the screen.
Can you believe that? And let’s not forget, if the embedded screen fails, you’re left high and dry! Your fitness equipment becomes nothing more than an expensive paperweight. It’s time to break free from these shackles!
Transform your tablet or mobile device into a captivating, interactive display – no cost required! Why pay for technology you already possess? Experience the ultimate fusion of innovation and convenience with 3G Cardio’s Elite EM X Elliptical Trainer.
BYOS and unleash the power of both worlds in your hands – your own technology synched up with award-winning 3G Cardio specialty fitness equipment!
Looking for hassle-free, old-school built-in programs? Look no further! We have 19 built-in programs. No updates, no memberships, no problems!
Want to connect with the world? We’ve got you covered, and it’s absolutely free with FreeSync™. Connect your 3G Cardio equipment to your tablet or phone using FTMS Bluetooth and experience the magic of FreeSync™!
Experience an immersive adventure with a wide range of captivating Play Store apps such as Zwift™ or Kino Maps™ (some apps may require monthly memberships). Enhance your tablet or mobile device into a dynamic, fully interactive electronic display.
With FreeSync™, your device can seamlessly adjust elevation or resistance, exchange workout data, and most importantly, explore new apps from the Google Play Store or Apple Store to embark on thrilling new journeys!

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