Five reasons to exercise with a 3G Cardio Vibration Machine

Many people have now heard about Accelerated Vibration Training, also known as AVT, by now. If you haven’t, you certainly will soon.
It is one of the best advances to come to the fitness world in the last two decades, even though Accelerated Vibration Training is an idea that’s been around for ages.
The 3G Cardio 5.0 Accelerated Vibration Training Plate and 3G Cardio 6.0 Accelerated Vibration Training Plate use accelerated vibration training to stimulate the body’s reflexes to result in alternating muscle contractions and relaxations. This causes the muscles to contract 30 to 50 times per second.
People can get stronger and healthier overall in less time and with less risk to the body through Accelerated Vibration Training (AVT).
That sounds pretty great in itself, but there are many other reasons why the training method is rapidly gaining fans young and old.
Here are five reasons why Accelerated Vibration Training is here to stay:
1. Time factor – You can get great results from Accelerated Vibration Training just using it three times a week for 30 minutes. Because it works the muscles so efficiently, less is definitely more on this machine. It works up to 95 percent of the muscle fibers, compared to as little as 20 percent with traditional methods.
2. Easier learning curve – Working out on the 3G Cardio 3.0, 5.0 and 6.0 Accelerated Vibration Training Plate Machines is actually pretty simple to do once you get used to it.
3. Almost anyone can use it – Everyone from pro athletes to people in senior citizens communities and rehab patients (stroke, Parkinsons’s Disease, etc.) have benefited from Accelerated Vibration Training. There are plenty of research studies and testimonials detailing the amazing results people have achieved.
4. Satisfaction guaranteed! – You will not only get an efficient workout, but will feel a sense of accomplishment after each workout. Studies show that hormone levels in the body change for the better after working out, which will improve your mood as well as your strength.
5. Takes up virtually no room – The 3G Cardio 5.0 Accelerated Vibration Training Plate and 3G Cardio 6.0 Accelerated Vibration Training Plate take up very little room. The shape has been compared to that of a big scale at your doctor’s office.

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