Common service & maintenance questions: The surprising reason for strange noises on new treadmills

strange noises on new treadmills

Common service & maintenance questions: The surprising reason for strange noises on new treadmills

It’s very common for the owner of a new treadmill to report it “making strange noises.”

The fact of the matter is that a treadmill can take 20-30 miles of use before it breaks in.

One of the more interesting and common service call we receive is when a new treadmill owner reports hearing strange noises on new treadmills.

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As crazy as it might sound, walking on a treadmill requires an ever-so slightly different foot strike than on other surfaces. If a person’s heel scrapes or glides across the treadmill belt ever so slightly, it will make a subtle noise that they don’t even realize is their own doing. People often mistakenly think the noise is coming from the machine, but after we point out that it may in fact be from their foot they are surprised to learn that the noise goes away.

Once our 3G Cardio technician points it out and a person picks up their feet just a little more they learn the slightly different walking style that’s used on a treadmill and the noises stop forever.

In fact, if users try to re-create the heel noise after they’ve learned the correct way to walk on the treadmill they usually can’t replicate it.

Sometimes even experienced treadmill users might be affected by this. They might buy a new treadmill with a belt that has a little more texture than one they’re used to walking on in the past, or maybe they recently purchased new shoes with thicker soles.

Call the 3G Cardio customer service department at 1-888-888-7985 for assistance with questions or issues that may arise with your specialty fitness equipment purchased from our company. Although we rarely have problems with our equipment, we are dedicated to be there for you in the event of a question or problem.

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