National Academy for Sports Medicine says Whole Body Vibration Training ‘Very Safe’ for healthy individuals

National Academy for Sports Medicine says Whole Body Vibration Training ‘Very Safe’ for healthy individuals

Vibration training is the fastest growing area of the specialty fitness equipment market, but it’s so new to the masses that there are also many questions people have about how it works and if it’s safe.

Also known as accelerated vibration training, or whole body vibration training, this exercise method works by using vibrations to skip the “Progression of muscle fatigue” that takes place with traditional methods.

Unlike when doing exercises with free weights, for example, in which the muscles gradually tire and the greatest muscle growth occurs in the final reps, with whole body vibration training you hold various exercises positions or actually perform the movements and the muscles are almost immediately called into action. Nearly all fast- and slow-twitch muscles react to the instability of the vibrations as you’re on the platform.

Many people may wonder if it’s safe to use vibration training.

As with any new exercise regimen it’s important to first consult with your doctor, but for most people vibration training is perfectly healthy.

According to the National Academy for Sports Medicine, “For healthy individuals whole body vibration(WBV) appears to be very safe. However, as with any exercise routine, consult your physician or other qualified medical professional before incorporating WBV into your routine. Because no additional weights are necessary, WBV involves minimal loading to the passive structures of the body such as bones, ligaments, and joints. This makes WBV highly suited for people that have difficulty performing traditional forms of exercise due to old age, illness, disorder, excessive weight, or injury.”

The AVT Plate is no different from any other new workout program in regards to the fact it’s always better to consult a physician before starting a new conditioning regimen. If you have a known medical condition, or any physical limitations that may impede the ability to exercise, it’s recommended to consult a doctor. Also, if you feel dizzy, short of breath, or any pain stop using the machine immediately and consult a physician.

Many elderly people are even using Accelerated Vibration Training to strengthen and coordinate muscles to prevent falls later in life, as well as a treatment and preventative tool to battle Osteoporosis.

When muscles are activated, strain is also applied to the bones, which makes them stronger as well. As bone deals with stress, it keeps itself strong.

As people become more sedentary as they get older, one of the major reasons their bones weaken is that they don’t get enough exercise.

Accelerated Vibration Training is one way to reverse the process of bone loss, in addition to also getting proper nutrients such as calcium.

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