Basic static and dynamic Accelerated Vibration Training exercises explained

One of the best things about a 3G Cardio Accelerated Vibration Training (AVT) machine is that everyone can find their own, unique value in it.
People from ages 7-70 and beyond are using vibration machines.
So what do you do on a vibration machine?
An easier question to answer might be, what can’t you do on one.
The 3G Cardio 3.0, 5.0 Accelerated and 6.0 Accelerated Vibration Plate machines work in an up-and-down motion to literally accelerate training.
It allows safe exercise with a greatly increased external load compared to traditional methods. 3G Cardio’s extensive research into testing and engineering has made these machines one of the most exciting new additions to the fitness industry in years.
The vibrations cause the muscles to contract in response to the plate movement – up to an incredible 25-50 times per second – resulting in rapid contractions and accelerated results. This leads to a near instantaneous “progression of muscle fatigue,” a term coined by 3G Cardio designers to explain the stimulated to near peak capacity of the muscles. It maximizes muscle strengthening and flexibility, along with a host of other positive effects on your body.
Thee are basically two main styles of exercises a person will perform during an Accelerated Vibration Training workout, but within those static and dynamic movements are literally 1,000s of different movement possibilities.
Static exercises – Static exercise, also known as isometrics, exert muscles at high intensities without movement of the joints. Holding a squat position, calf stretch or pushup position on the AVT trainer is an example of static exercise.
Static exercise improves strength. If you perform static exercises, don’t hold your breath as this can drive up blood pressure. Make sure to breathe throughout the exercise.
The stretch is generally held steady for 30-60 seconds for an Accelerated Vibration Training workout.
Dynamic exercises – These involve slow and controlled movements through a complete range of motion. Dynamic exercise activities keep joints and muscles moving. Examples in Accelerated Vibration Training are full squat, pushup, bent-over row and step-ups (moving on and off the platform, which adds to the cardio component). Blood circulation, strength, and endurance are improved by these continuous movements.
Find out through a medical checkup what your activity and exercise restrictions are.
One of the best things about the 3G Cardio 5.0 Accelerated Vibration Plate or 6.0 Accelerated Vibration Plate is that many doctors do use these machines for medical reasons to help people improve things like muscle tone, bone density and circulation.

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