Men’s Journal article concludes vibration training ‘effective in building muscles and losing weight’

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An article posted recently on poses the question “should you be vibration training?”
3G Cardio likes the answer, with reporting, “A growing body of evidence suggests that one of the strangest pieces of equipment you’re likely to find in a gym … can indeed be effective in building muscle and losing weight.”
Gabriel Ettenson, a Boulder, Colorado-based physical therapist, is quoted as saying, “(Vibration training machines) stimulate higher levels of gravity, or increase G-forces, through a plate that oscillates up and down at varying intensities.”
The report concurs with what countless researches and trainers also have said: Vibration training causes muscles to contract 1,000s of times per minute as the body involuntarily reacts to the vibrations. This can help people become leaner and stronger, while also building bone density, boosting circulation, and improving balance.
Ettenson points out that vibration platforms have also proven effective in helping people with osteoporosis and muscular disorders.
The Men’s Journal article cautions that not all vibration training machines are built the same.
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* The Fitness Professor

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