Vibration training a great way to improve muscle tone

As we get older, many of us deal with a common problem.
The condition of our joints and ligaments, a lack of time, or a combination of both of those make it difficult to improve or even maintain muscle tone.
To become stronger, we need to expose our bodies to forces that are greater than normal in daily life.
The 3G Cardio AVT 5.0 Vibration Machine or 3G Cardio AVT 6.0 Vibration Machine is a great way to build muscle tone for people of nearly all ages.
In traditional strength training, such as lifting free weights or using a weight machine, people increase the “mass” by adding more weight.
Through the innovation of the 3G Cardio AVT Machine, for the first time in most user’s lives they’ll be able to greatly increase the “acceleration,” which produces the same or even better result than upping the weights.
During vibration training, the motor sends out vibrations that stimulate the body’s reflexes to result in alternating muscle contractions and relaxations. The muscles reflexively contract 30-50 times per second and up to 95 percent of the muscle fibers are utilized, compared to as little as 20 percent with traditional methods.
Vibration machine users can find their own value in this incredible training method.
Everyone from pro athletes, to celebrities, to even rehab patients and senior citizens are using vibration training these days.
You can gain big benefits from simply holding simple static exercise positions, such as a squat or calf stretch, or use it to enhance your training method as NBA players have with advanced movements.
Because vibration training increases the acceleration on the muscles, not the mass it’s the safest way for people to strength train.
Just three times a week for 30 minutes can make a big difference in your overall health.

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