At Home Fitness’ Dufresne calls 3G Cardio Vibration Machines ‘Best form of exercise I’ve found’

At Home Fitness’ Dufresne calls 3G Cardio Vibration Machines ‘Best form of exercise I’ve found’

At Home Fitness sales manager Pierre Dufresne’s passion for promoting 3G Cardio AVT Vibration Machines to his customers in Arizona and nationwide at is a result of personal experiences training on them.

3G Cardio 5 AVT Vibration Machine

The award-winning 3G Cardio 5 AVT machine.

“I’ve exercised on 3G Cardio Vibration Machines for five years and believe (Accelerated Vibration Training) is the most effective, efficient form of exercise there is,” Dufresne said. “With how much time you’re putting in comparatively to other forms of exercising and also the efficiency of muscle fiber recruitment, it’s the best form of exercise I’ve found.”

Dufrense admitted that many people are skeptical when they inquire about a 3G Cardio Vibration Machine, which some say looks like a fancy, oversized doctor’s office scale, after seeing it on the showroom floor.

However, after standing on the machine and holding basic stretches or exercise positions, people quickly realize the power of a vibration training machine. After a few sessions exercising on them they’re usually hooked.

“It works off a reaction by your body to the vibrations,” Dufresne said. “It basically gets your muscles to contract because they feel an instability and it happens at the muscle fiber level on vertical vibration.

“As soon as you stand on it, you get more muscles involved and it’s also making your muscle cell fibers respond and contract at a much higher contraction rate.”

Studies have found that up to 95 percent of the muscle fibers are activated instantaneously in a muscle group while performing vibration training, compared to as little as 20 percent with traditional methods. And vibration training workouts can be completed in a fraction of the time of traditional methods.

Dufresne’s vibration training customers have ranged from teens to senior citizens, elite athletes to the couple next door and even people dealing with chronic health issues.

“I love doing pushups and explosive movements on it,” Dufresne said, “but the blood flow and then recuperation and so on is more important to me than anything else it provides as far as quality of life is concerned.”

“We’ve had a lot of success for people with neuropathy in their feet,” Dufresne continued. “We’ve had people who have had no feeling in their feet and within 30 seconds of standing on a vibration machine they’re getting feedback from the nerves from the feet that they haven’t had sometimes in years.”

One of the most common area people have remarked vibration training has specifically helped is with improving flexibility and balance.

“I’ve had a lot of customers comment on how much (vibration training) has helped their stretching and range of motion,” Dufresne said. “People who were really stiff or not very fluid in movement now have no problems with stretching and-or increasing their range of motion. It helps them feel better when exercising and even during their daily lives.

“I had an elderly man who said he no longer needed assistance going up the stairs in his home after exercising on a vibration trainer.”

Although there are a growing number of companies producing vibration training machines, Dufresne said, “Nothing beats 3G Cardio.

“3G Cardio is the best value on the market by far,” he said. “It’s the best built and best company as far as ratings. No company is rated higher than 3G Cardio. It’s an established company, whose two principle owners have more than 40 years combined experience in the fitness industry.”

Dufresne is fond of saying, “Each person can find their own value in vibration training.”

In addition to stretching and balance, customers also credit vibration training for improving their overall muscle strength and tone and you can even set the hertz frequency for a great massage.

With all that being said, Dufresne believes the greatest benefit of vibration training may actually be simply helping to make people feel better overall.

“I think a lot of the value for people really comes from the vitality that it helps provide,” he said. “Standing on it makes them feel better because it’s going to increase the blood flow volume and that increases the amount of oxygen and nutrients in your cells. That’s why people feel better after they work out or even just after 20 minutes of movement.

“You can spend 20 minutes to get a similar effect and not get as any muscle fibers involved, or instead you could work a minute or two on the vibration machine and have that similar type of result.”

The 3G Cardio 6.0 AVT, which has received numerous Best Buy awards including back-to-back honors from, sells for $4,499 at At Home Fitness ($500 saving off MSRP). This model has the same plate size as a leading national brand that retails for $9250, but is only about half the cost.

The 3G Cardio 5.0 AVT ($3,599, $400 savings) and 3G Cardio 3.0 AVT ($1,999, $500 savings) also provide great power and size to exercise at those price points and have been Best Buy award winners as well.

Workout times vary for vibration training, but typically sets last only 30 seconds to 1 minute, 30 seconds and an entire workout can be completed in 10-20 minutes. Working out just three times a week on a vibration machine can provide exceptional results.

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