Phoenix-based trainer Roxana J. sold on 3G Cardio vibration machines

Roxana J., one of the elite personal trainers in the Phoenix, Arizona area loves having her clients exercise on 3G Cardio Vibration Training machines.

Updated 6/26/18 – PHOENIX — Roxana J., one of the elite personal trainers in the Phoenix, Arizona area loves having her clients exercise on 3G Cardio Vibration Training machines.

When At Home Fitness, Arizona’s leader in sales of specialty fitness equipment, asked Roxana to train some of its customers on 3G Cardio machines several years ago, she was admittedly hesitant. She didn’t know much about vibration training and when after first seeing one of the machines she had serious doubts.

“I was a huge skeptic, very skeptical,” said Roxana, the owner and trainer for a business that can be found on the Internet at
“Any time I kind of questioned it I thought, ‘If it’s good enough for people like Peyton Manning, PGA golfers, and U.S. Olympians – people whose bodies are insured for millions of dollars – there has to be something to it.’”

Once Roxana had spent several weeks researching vibration training and experimenting with different exercise, stretches and massage settings, she realized why it’s the fastest growing area of the fitness industry since elliptical machines about 15 years ago.

“Suffice it to say, I love that machine,” Roxana said. “I’m not a skeptic anymore. I love using 3G Cardio Vibration Trainers and I love introducing people to it and helping people to see what all you can do on it.”

To use a vibration training machine like the award-winning 3G Cardio models, people stand on the platform and perform static or dynamic exercises and the body reacts to the instability of the vibrations. Studies have found that up to 95 percent of the muscle fibers are activated instantaneously in a muscle group while performing vibration training, compared to as little as 20 percent with traditional methods such as free weights or home gyms.

Like many trainers, Roxana also soon realized that vibration training workouts can be completed in a fraction of the time of traditional methods and with little or no wear and tear on the joints. Because vibration training is so efficient, workout times are cut in half or even shorter.

People can cater how they use a 3G Cardio vibration machine to their age, fitness level and goals. Everyone from senior citizens, elite athletes to the couple next door and even people dealing with chronic health issues use them. It’s been reported that half the NFL teams have vibration training machines in their workout rooms, but they’re so versatile that countless senior citizen homes have them as well.

“I love that whatever you can do on the ground, or with a cable or weight machine, for the most part you can do on the 3G,” Roxana said. “I love opening that world up to my clients.

“It’s not just for massage, it’s not just to feel a low-impact kind of workout. It can help people in so many ways. I love that I can get people to that point of burning calories, feeling the muscle burn and feeling the fatigue set in without their joints going into total distress.”

The 3G Cardio 6 AVT, which has received numerous Best Buy awards including back-to-back honors from, sells for $4,999. This model has the same plate size as a leading national brand that retails for $9250, but is only about half the cost.

The 3G Cardio 5 AVT ($3,999) also provides great power and size to exercise at those price points and have been Best Buy award winners as well. Workout times vary for vibration training, but typically sets last only 30 seconds to 1 minute, 30 seconds and an entire workout can be completed in 10-20 minutes. Working out just three times a week on a vibration machine can provide exceptional results.

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