Top 5 reasons to own a 3G Cardio vibration training machine

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Top 5 reasons to own a 3G Cardio vibration training machine

If you’ve never heard of a vibration training machine, chances are it sounds pretty questionable. Stand on a machine and exercise? Yeah right. We get that.

However, an accelerated vibration training machine is something you should really consider getting. It’s the fastest growing area of the specialty fitness industry since elliptical machines. Everyone from NFL teams to Olympic athletes, the couple next door and even senior citizens are taking advantage of vibration training. We recently featured a story on a woman who used a 3G Cardio vibration machine to help her get up and dance at her 100th birthday party.

Vibration Machine Dealer Locator

Here are the top five reasons to purchase a 3G Cardio vibration training machine:

5. Reduce chance of injuries – “(Vibration training) is almost one of the best-kept secrets, but you can find lots of information about it,” fitness retailer Push Pedal Pull’s Doug Corson told 3G Cardio of vibration training. “There are tons of celebrities that endorse (vibration training), but probably the most popular is about half the NFL teams are incorporating this into their workout programs.

“In the NFL world it’s not just about trying to get as strong as possible, but they also want to decrease the chance of getting injured. Injury prevention is such a huge component of what these things can do because they do help to increase your range of motion, flexibility and balance. That’s why we are starting to see some of the physical therapists endorsing or putting these into their practices.”

4. Do more in less time – You can improve your muscle tone, physique and even overall health, while performing AVT in less time and often with better results than through traditional exercise methods.

“Whole Body Vibration Training boosts your fitness, strength, tone, flexibility, bone density, and range of motion all in a time-efficient manner,” reported. “Like 15 minutes. That is what I call a fitness hack!”

3. It can improve overall health – When a person stands on a vibration platform and performs various exercises, or holds stretches, the vibrations cause the muscles to contract at a much higher and more effective rate than traditional exercise. In fact, a lot more than just your muscles benefit.

“(Vibration training) consists of standing on a platform that vibrates in a way designed to stimulate your hormonal, cardiovascular, lymphatic, and nervous systems simultaneously,” reported. “You can use it to get the lymphatic and circulatory benefits of hours of walking, or you can perform some simple exercises, Body by Science style, to get actual exercise that grows muscle.”

2. Safer than free weights – In conventional workouts, the formula at play is Force = Mass x Acceleration. Simply stated, increasing either of these increases strength. For WBV Training, the mass is your body and the vibration is the acceleration, explained. Vibration training is easier on the joints than pushing or pulling weights up and down.

“Using your body and the vibration, the WBV Plate also uses Gravity as another form of acceleration to generate “G-forces.” It naturally incorporates more acceleration so you become stronger.”

1. 3G Cardio machines have great reviews – According to, 3G Cardio produces high-quality vibration machines, which are capable of producing the high G-forces necessary to provide a worthwhile workout. Don’t be fooled by cheap knock-offs.

“I’ve tried several different models because of my job,” said Doug Corson, the sales director for Push Pedal Pull. “You just go out and kind of experiment with different ones. … For the overall value of 3G Cardio, I felt carrying their machines in our store was the direction we should go.”

Try out a vibration training machine at any one of the 100s of 3G Cardio dealers nationwide. It will be one of the best moves you’ve ever made.

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