Top 10 reasons to invest in a 3G Cardio Vibration Training machine

Top 10 reasons to invest in a 3G Cardio Vibration Training machine

Vibration training is the fastest growing segment of the fitness industry since elliptical machines became popular a little over a decade ago.

Almost all of the teams in the National Football League and many college football teams use vibration training. So do lots of other pro athletes, Olympians, celebrities, average citizens and even senior citizens.

Vibration training enables people to build strength much more safely and efficiently than with traditional weightlifting. It also helps to improve balance, stretch and even massage muscles.

Still, there are many people who only know a little bit about vibration trainers, and some who haven’t even heard of them. Allow us to educate you a little bit.

The top-ranked 3G Cardio 6.0 Vibration Machine.

The top-ranked 3G Cardio 6.0 Vibration Machine.

Here are the top 10 reasons why you should invest in a 3G Cardio Vibration Training machine:

10. DON’T LOAD UP – Instead of increasing the “mass” by loading up the weight plates as is usually the case with traditional strength training, with a vibration trainer you fatigue the muscles through the “acceleration.” That is much safer and more efficient.

9. EFFICIENCY — Rapid movement of the 3G Cardio Vibration Training platform causes the muscles to fire faster than any other type of exercise as you perform static or dynamic movements on the platform. Whereas traditional strength training might only work as little as 20 percent of the muscle fibers, the progression of muscle fatigue achieved with the 3G vibration trainers allows people to use up to 95 percent of their muscle fibers during a workout.

8. FASTER WORKOUTS – The quicker the muscles fatigue, the faster they tire. That means you can complete a total body workout in less than 15-20 minutes.

7. SAFER – By adjusting the acceleration instead of the “load,” it’s much easier on joints and ligaments and allows people to work muscles in ways they never thought possible.

6. PIVOTAL MOMENT – Talk to trainers or read reviews and research about vibration training and most everyone states that vertical vibration machines are more effective than ones with pivotal vibration.

The award-winning 3G Cardio 6.0, 5.0 and 3.0 vibration machines all have vertical vibration movement. That means the vibrations travel directly up when you stand on the platform.

Vertical motion vibration plates are almost always used by trainers and individuals who are striving to improve on stamina, muscle strength and flexibility.

5 SENIOR MOMENT – Many senior citizens probably can’t stand under a barbell and perform squats, but they can hold a squat position on a vibration machine and stimulate their leg muscles. It’s so easy that 100-year-old Irene of Arizona exercises regularly on a 3G vibration machine.

4. VARIETY — The 3G Cardio Co. has a vibration trainer designed to fit your life just right.

Whatever your money, workout or space needs, there’s a 3G Cardio vibration machine that will seamlessly and efficiently become one of your new favorite workout machines.

3. AWARD WINNER – 3G Cardio Vibration Machines have received a multitude of Best Buy honors, five-star rankings on and praise from fitness reviewers far and wide.

— You can easily and safely adjust the “acceleration” to meet your needs on an upper or lower console. The 3G Cardio hertz frequency settings are easy to adjust depending on your fitness levels and exercise/health goals

1. DISCOVER YOUR OWN VALUE – Whether it’s the 3G Cardio AVT™ 6.0, 5.0 or 3.0 Accelerated Vibration Training Plate, just about everyone can find their own value in Accelerated Vibration Training.

3G Cardio Vibration Trainers are carried by fitness retailers nationwide. For more information or to find a dealer near you, go to

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