Pivotal vs. Vertical Vibration: 3G Cardio gets users going in the best direction

Pivotal Vs. Vertical Vibration

Pivotal vs. Vertical Vibration: 3G Cardio gets users going in the best direction

There are more and more options for vibration training machines on the market all the time.

Updated 6/26/18 – Every manufacturer has their differences, but people might be surprised to learn that there are huge variations in how some machines actually work.

Vibration machines can be broken into two groups: vertical and pivotal. Talk to trainers or read reviews and research about vibration training and most everyone states that vertical vibration machines are more effective.

The award-winning 3G Cardio 6 AVT and 5 AVT vibration machines all have vertical vibration movement. That means the vibrations travel directly up when you stand on the platform.

Vertical motion vibration plates are almost always used by trainers and individuals who are striving to improve on stamina, muscle strength and flexibility.

Simply stated, Vertical motion based vibration plates will do a better job activating fine muscle tissue and provide more internal benefits than pivotal motion machines.

So why would manufacturers make pivotal vibration machines? And why would people buy them?

Some senior citizens may prefer the pivotal vibration motion because it moves at a much slower speed and higher amplitude. Pivotal vibration plates have a back-and-forth movement – picture a teeter-totter.

A good comparison many people use is to say vertical vibration is like a sports car, while pivotal motion is like a big, old Cadillac.

Although 3G Cardio uses vertical motion, our machines are still very popular with senior citizens. We’ve had a woman use one of our 3G Cardio vibration machines to help realize the goal of standing for her 100th birthday.

3G Cardio machines can be used by everyone from elite athletes to senior citizens. Simply adjust the Hertz settings and workout preferences to fit your needs.

Dampening pads are also available for the 3G Cardio machines, which can lessen the feel of the vibrations and make it more tolerable.

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