Is it OK to hold the front handlebars while exercising on my treadmill?

Is it OK to hold the front handlebars while exercising on my treadmill

The job of a good treadmill that’s designed correctly is to have the user in control while on it.

Some people tend to move forward to walk or run when using their treadmill. Whether it’s because they’re shorter and can reach the console better, or simply a habit we see this fairly often.

However, it’s actually not recommended to walk or run near the front of the treadmill, or to hold onto the front handlebars for extended durations.

Why does it even matter where you’re positioned on the treadmill?

Higher end treadmills, like 3G Cardio will use a slightly softer suspension in the middle of the treadmill (where you land) and a bit more firm in the front and back to accommodate walkers and runners.

When people are too far forward on the treadmill, or reach for the front handlebars it puts more weight over their knees and that’s not good for you over a prolonged period of time. Exercising at the front of the treadmill can also make it a lot more common for people’s feet to accidentally kick the motor cover.

Of course, any treadmill manufacturer or athletic trainer will preach safety first. If at any time a user feels like they need to grab onto the front handlebars to get their balance then do it. If you want to lean forward to grab onto the front handlebars to check your heart rate using the built-in controls that’s OK too.

However, it’s recommended to stay in the middle for the majority of the workout and take full advantage of the suspension and belt cushioning the way it was designed to be used. Many treadmills have side handlebars and you should use those instead of the front ones.

Put safety first when exercising on a treadmill, but stay in the middle if possible.

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