3G Cardio Vibration Machine featured on Iowa TV report

3G Cardio Vibration Machine featured on Iowa TV report

The award-winning 3G Cardio Vibration Machine was featured as part of a news report on KCWI-TV’s morning show “Great Day” in Des Moines, Iowa recently.
KCWI’s Jackie Schmillen interviewed Doug Corson from Push Pedal Pull about the benefits of vibration training.
Schmillen first learned about vibration training while travelling in Arizona about four years ago.
“I was at a gym and they said, ‘This is going to be the wave of future of how people are going to exercise,’” Schmillen recalled.
As part of a series on helping people to look good and feel great, Schmillen asked Corson to tell “Great Day” viewers about vibration training.


“This isn’t your grandma’s jiggler,” said Corson, in reference to the archaic vibration machines of the 1950 or ’60s that people strapped with a band around their wastes in an ill-conceived attempt to lose weight or burn calories. “This is quite a bit different.
“It’s acceleration training,” he explained. “The best way to really explain it is instead of using weights to break down your muscle fibers, it’s so much easier on your body because it moves in three different directions at the same time – front to back, up and down and side to side. It’s designed to cause muscle confusion.”
Muscle confusion causes your muscle fibers to fire faster than what they normally would.
“They’re forced to balance and react to that unstable surface underneath,” Corson said.
Schmillen wondered, if vibration training is so effective, why haven’t more people heard about?
“It’s almost one of the best-kept secrets, but you can find lots of information about it,” Corson said. “There are tons of celebrities that endorse (vibration training), but probably the most popular is about half the NFL teams are incorporating this into their workout programs. In the NFL world it’s not just about trying to get as strong as possible, but they also want to decrease the chance of getting injured. Injury prevention is such a huge component of what these things can do because they do help to increase your range of motion, flexibility and balance. That’s why we are starting to see some of the physical therapists endorsing or putting these into their practices.”
People are often hooked on 3G Cardio Vibration Trainers, which come in 6.0, 5.0 and 3.0 models, after trying them just one time.
“It’s fun to put people on it and take them through a couple of workouts,” Corson said.
Trainer Megan Corson from MadeStrong invited Schmillen to perform several exercises to experience the power and efficiency of a 3G Cardio 6.0 Vibration Machine.
Schmillen stared by performing a toe touch while standing on the vibration machine platform, which Megan Corson explained will increase blood flow, circulation and, eventually, flexibility in the hamstrings.
“For the average fitness enthusiast, who doesn’t have a lot of time, you can get an effective workout and immediate results in just 15 minutes,” Megan said. “It produces results quickly, but you still have to do the hard work.”
Schmillen performed a few sets of toe touches, squats and planks on the 3G Cardio Machine.
“You definitely need to get on and feel the benefit, it’s like nothing else you’ve experienced before,” Schmillen told her “Great Day” viewers.
Megan Corson said people of nearly all ages and fitness backgrounds can benefit from vibration training machines, ranging from elite athletes to even senior citizens.
“It’s meant for just about everybody,” she said.
About the only restrictions are people who have had recent eye surgery and women who are pregnant should not use them, Megan said. People should check with their doctor before using a vibration machine or before they start any new workout regimen if they have health concerns, but research shows that vibration training is perfectly safe — and highly effective -— for the vast majority of people.

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