3G Cardio AVT Exercise Tips: Shoulder Stretch

3G Cardio AVT Exercise Tips: Shoulder Stretch

3G Cardio AVT Exercise Tips: Shoulder Stretch

Updated 10/22/18

Stretching out your shoulders and keeping them flexible and strong is very important because when it comes to increasing upper body strength many of the muscles in your shoulders are not used during everyday activities.
Shoulders are often forgotten about or neglected until problems occur.

You can get an excellent shoulder stretch on a 3G Cardio® AVT™ Vibration Machine.

Consider this example, if you carry a big basket of laundry upstairs you use your legs to walk and arms to carry the basket, but the shoulders don’t come into play much. So the shoulders are not being strengthened. All that’s needed to exercise your shoulders are some basic stretching and toning a few times a week. This will help increase both flexibility and strength.

To get a great shoulder stretch on the 3G Cardio® AVT™ Vibration Machine, use your left hand to pull the strap slowly up to your buttocks. Your right hand should be placed on your head while pulling it slightly to the right. Reverse to stretch other shoulder.

Perform exercise slowly and hold stretch for 5-10 seconds. Strong, flexible shoulders will help your posture and overall fitness and strength, no matter of you’re a competitive athlete or the average man or woman who wants to stay in good shape.

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