3G Cardio AVT exercise tips: Calf Raise

3G Cardio AVT exercise tips: Calf Raise

Any exercise that can be performed with traditional weightlifting equipment can be done on the award-winning 3G Cardio® 5 or 6 AVT™ Vibration Machines.

And, thanks to the incredible results that can be realized through vibration training, results on a 3G Cardio vibration machine are often better and achieved more safely.
Here are some tips on how to exercise your calves on the 3G Cardio Vibration plate:

* Stand in the center of the vibration plate and raise up onto the balls of your feet.

* Keep your back straight and abdomen tight, and you will start to feel tension in your calf muscles.

* To change up the way your calves are worked a little bit, try bending your knees to a 90-degree angle. You can also squeeze your calf muscles to make it more difficult.

Calf exercises using whole body vibration training will improve strength. The calf is made up of two muscles: the gastrocnemius (larger of the two muscles, extends from bottom of thigh bone down to Achilles’ tendon) and soleus (located underneath gastrocnemius, starts at top of tibia in lower leg and also attaches to Achilles’).

In addition to improving strength, calf raises help increase vertical jump in many cases and improve definition in the calf muscles. Calf raises are also often used as a rehabilitative exercise for Achilles’ tendon injuries and when done regularly they can help prevent Achilles’ problems.

NOTE: Consult with your doctor before beginning any new exercise program.

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