3G Cardio AVT exercise tips: adductor muscles stretch

3G Cardio AVT Exercise Tips Adductor Muscles Stretch

3G Cardio AVT exercise tips: adductor muscles stretch

AVT Adductor Muscles Stretch

AVT Adductor Muscles Stretch

It’s very common to develop muscle imbalances around the hips, but it’s also easy to maintain flexibility and correct muscle balance by performing adductor muscles stretches.

People who sit during their jobs for long periods of time are most prone to experience hip flexor or adductor muscle problems.

You can get an excellent stretch for the adductor muscles with the 3G Cardio® AVT™ 3.0, 5.0 or 6.0 Vibration Machines. This will help you feel more flexible whether you’re doing sports, weightlifitng, yoga or basically any other activities. These stretches can also help reduce pain from exercising or working out.

Like other muscles and joints, if we don’t take care of them with stretching and exercise through their full range on a regular basis we eventually lose mobility

To perform adductor muscles stretches, sit with your back to the 3G Cardio® AVT™ Vibration Machine. Push down on the vibration plate platform behind your back so that your fingers grip the edges. By pushing your shoulders down you’ll stretch your chest and shoulders.

You may also gently pull the straps on either side for optimum results.

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