3G Cardio AVT exercise tips: Abdominal crunch

3G Cardio AVT exercise tips: Abdominal crunch

Get a fun, effective new twist on doing abdominal crunches by doing them on the 3G Cardio® AVT™ 3.0, 5.0 or 6.0 Vibration Training machine.

Put a pillow under the small of your back, raise your legs and place your hands under your head for support making sure to keep your elbows parallel with the floor.

Crunch your upper body toward your legs and feel the tension in the abdominals. Ensure your buttocks and lower back do not lose contact with the platform.

To vary the routine, lock your feet under the bottom of the upper handles.
Crucnhes help to strengthen the core muscles, the ring of muscles that surround the mid-section of your body.

By performing exercises such as crunches, pushups and planks you work the region in a coordinated manner and that helps improve balance and strength. It can help you in sports and everyday ordinary life.

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