Common Treadmill service & maintenance questions: Why won’t my treadmill turn on?

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Why won’t my treadmill turn on?

This is actually a somewhat common occurrence and happens more often than you’d think and the answer is often incredibly simple.

Don’t laugh, but oftentimes a treadmill won’t turn on because … wait for it … it’s not plugged in.

Now, we’re not making fun of people at all for not realizing this because there’s usually a simple explanation. The treadmill is actually plugged in at the wall outlet, but the problem is that it’s either not plugged in at all or it’s loose in the connection for the actual treadmill.

As a treadmill goes up and down ever so slightly, or it’s moved a little bit by users the plug connection to it can loosen over time. This can happen to just about any treadmill brand!

The first thing our 3G Cardio service department asks a customer when they call in to say “Why won’t my treadmill turn on?” is ask customers “are you seeing an ‘error code’ on the console unit?” Most higher end treadmill have the ability to do a self-diagnosis and display an error code on the upper display. If there is no error code and no lights appear on the screen then it may be caused by an unplugged treadmill!

Reconnecting the power plug inlet connection has solved a surprising number of issues. Don’t feel bad if you’re one of those customers whose electrical connection came undone – it’s happened to the best of us.

For questions about treadmill problems or performance, call our 3G Cardio service department at 1-888-888-7985.

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