How soft of a treadmill suspension do I need?

Elite Runner treadmill suspension

How soft of a treadmill suspension do I need?

Many people believe when buying a treadmill that a soft treadmill suspension system is better. That is definitely not the case.

The job of the treadmill suspension is not to make it soft, but to make it safe. 

If the treadmill suspension is too soft, the deck underneath the walking belt will tilt or lean to one side or the other as a user’s body weight shifts from left to right as they walk. This can create an unstable surface, which over time can actually contribute to a user developing a myriad of problems with the hips, knees, Patellar tendon, IT band, shin splints, etc.

Sadly, some people chalk up leg problems due to having aged and never even suspect that it’s due to the treadmill they’re running or walking on.  To combat this, they actually shop for an even softer treadmill because they think this will help when “softness” all along was the problem!

If you want a softer landing when you walk or run, get a different pair of shoes.  Again, the job of a good treadmill is to create a “safe” walking or running surface.  A good treadmill brand, like 3G Cardio will have a reasonably soft suspension but most importantly, it will be very safe for walkers and runners!

A Better Shoe is the Perfect Companion to a Safe Treadmill Suspension

Treadmill Suspension and Running ShoesGo to a specialty shoe store and let a sales associate help you decide which is the best shoe to fit your needs. Most communities have at least one such store, where sales associates will actually watch you walk or run, ask about your training regime, look at your feet and help you pick the right shoe. There are different shoes for people with high or flat arches, long-distance runners and dedicated walkers.

It is also recommended that a person change their running shoe every six months,

It’s possible to “soften” your walking or running suspension by changing shoes, but searching out a “soft” treadmill suspension system can hurt you in the long run.

Make sure to find a treadmill like 3G Cardio with a safe suspension system. Don’t make the mistake of purchasing a department store treadmill, which can feel soft to run on in the store but often quickly lose stability and support.

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