How does AVT vibration training work?

How does AVT vibration training work?

The basic physics for “Force” were defined by Sir Isaac Newton’s equation: F = m * a (Force equals mass times acceleration).

To become stronger, we need to be able to expose our bodies to forces that are greater than normal in daily life.

In traditional strength training, such as lifting free weights or using a weight machine, people increase the mass by adding more weight.

Through the innovation of the 3G Cardio AVT Vibration Plate, for the first time in most users’ lives they’ll be able to greatly increase the accelerated force of the workout without increasing the likelihood of injury, which will produce the same or even better result than upping the weights without the risks.

Make no mistake, there are no free lunches – the 3G Cardio AVT 5.0 Vibration Plate is not intended to simply stand on with the vibrations doing all the work.  A muscle must be activated in order to stimulate it and produce results but again, this will be done safely and more effectively in a shorter period of time!

The user will have to actively put effort into it, but the time requirement, stress on the body and results will actually be much-improved over traditional strength training.

The person training on a vibration plate assumes standard positions, such as a sit-up, lunge, squat, pushup or calf raise. The vibrations will cause the engaged muscles to reflexively contract. Whereas a normal squat only activates about 60 – 70 percent of the muscles involved in the exercise, the accelerated trainer will allow a person to keep going and engage up to 99 percent of the muscles. All the fast-twitch and stabilizing muscles in the exercise activity will be activated, and strengthened in the process.

And, at the same time, 3G Cardio AVT Vibration Plates are much safer than traditional forms of strength training. A 40-year old man or woman, who may have bad knees, hips or back and couldn’t even think about doing squats or leg extensions, can hold positions on a vibration trainer that will allow them to build and retain strength in their legs they thought they’d never have again.

Because the body starts rapidly losing muscle mass in their 40s – up to 10 percent per decade – this is great news for people as they get older. In addition to helping people look and feel great, whole body vibration training can greatly enhance overall health. This will be explained in future blogs.

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