Hest Fitness to carry 3G Cardio Vibration Trainers

Hest Fitness Products have been a leader in the fitness industry since being founded in 1981 by Albert and Paula Kessler.
Based out of Texas, Hest Fitness prides itself on selling the finest quality health and fitness equipment with the most comprehensive before and after the sale service available anywhere.
The goal of the highly trained Hest sales associates is to find out as much information as possible about a person’s health and fitness level.
With this knowledge, and the customer’s goals in mind, Hest Fitness says it’s able to, “write you an ‘exercise program’ – the right mix of products and advice for your specific individual needs.”
The fact that Hest Fitness has agreed to add 3G Cardio’s line of vibration trainers to its “program” is a great honor to our company. We pride ourselves on putting expertise, quality and value first for our customers and are greatly looking forward to working with the pros at Hest Fitness.
3G Cardio, which is based west of Hest in Phoenix, has an award-winning lineup of 3G Cardio AVT 6.0, 5.0 and 3.0 Vibration Machines.
It really is bigger in Texas with Hest Fitness operating stores in McAllen, San Antonio and Corpus Christi to serve residential and commercial needs. They offer top quality new and used fitness equipment.
Hest Fitness specializes in knowledge and products for:
• Weight Loss
• Cardiovascular Fitness
• Flexibility
• Diabetes
• Strength Training

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