Find your own value in Accelerated Vibration Training (AVT)

Find your own value in Accelerated Vibration Training (AVT)

It would be hard to name a fitness phenomenon to come along in the last few decades that can benefit as a wide variety of people as Accelerated Vibration Training (AVT).

The fact is that anyone can find their value in Accelerated Vibration Training, ranging from pro tennis player Rafael Nadal, to NFL players, high school and college athletes, the couple next door, and even stroke victims.

That’s right, Accelerated Vibration Training’s benefits have even helped stroke victims because of its ability to stimulate muscles, reflex pathways, circulation, balance and more.

The 3G Cardio AVT™ 5.0 Accelerated Vibration Training Plate and 3G Cardio AVT™ 6.0 Accelerated Vibration Training Plate produced by 3G Cardio are two of the elite Accelerated Vibration Trainers on the market today.

Designers at 3G Cardio coined the term “Progression of muscle fatigue” to describe why the machines are so effective.

Simply stated, Accelerated Vibration Training causes the muscles to contract in response to the plate vibrations and movement – up to an amazing 25-50 times per second. The result is rapid muscle contractions and accelerated results. The vibrations create instability, which the body senses and reflexively contracts muscles involuntarily to stabilize and react.

This leads to a near instantaneous progression of fatigue, which means the muscles are being stimulated to near peak capacity. It maximizes muscle strengthening and flexibility, along with a host of other positive effects on your body, without putting undue stress on ligaments and joints.

With that kind of result on the body, it’s not surprising to see why Accelerated Vibration Training has helped an incredibly wide array of people.

Whether you’re a younger athlete in his or her prime looking to cross train, or an older person who’s had trouble working out because of pain and-or lack of flexibility, 3G Cardio’s Accelerated Vibration Training Plate can greatly improve your fitness level and overall health.

Many people report working their muscles like they never had before on 3G Cardio’s Accelerated Vibration Training Plate, or never thought would be possible again.

For the elderly or people dealing with severe health problems, Accelerated Vibration Training allows them to work the muscles in a safe way that can greatly improves their overall health.

In addition to improving muscle strength, being on the machine can improve balance, bone density, circulation, rehabilitation and more.

And as a result they feel an improved overall sense of empowerment.

What is the value of Accelerated Vibration Training to you? Name your health and fitness goals and there’s your answer.

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