3G Cardio recumbent bike user’s manual includes great fitness tips

Recumbent Bike Users Manual Includes Great Fitness Tips

3G Cardio recumbent bike user’s manual includes great fitness tips

3G Cardio does much more than just produce award-winning exercise equipment. We also give users great exercise advice and tips in our user’s manuals.

For instance, our 3G Cardio Elite RB Recumbent Bike (MSRP $1,799) comes with helpful heart rate monitoring information and pre-programmed workout guides.

Elite RB Recumbent Bike

When you become part of the 3G Cardio family we are always here for you. Call our headquarters in Phoenix, Ariz., at 888-888-7985 with questions about the equipment or programs.

The 3G Cardio Elite RB Recumbent bike user’s manual will include almost all the information one will need. There are tips on on topics such as “how often you should exercise?” The answer is 3-4 times a week, 30 minutes per workout, consult a doctor first.

Other topics covered range from “how hard should you exercise” to “how long should you exercise?” And, of course the manual walks people how to set up the bikes with limited assembly.

The bikes come with pre-programmed workouts that can start at extremely basic levels and help you increase your effort level week by week. We also explain how to exercise within target heart rate zones and how to find the right level for your age and fitness level.

Our recumbent bike manual also includes a good list of basic warmup and cool-down stretches.

The 3G Elite RB Bike has been called “the most comfortable recumbent bike ever built.”

It’s a small and compact bike, but it’s also extremely sturdy and durable with a 3-way adjustable mesh back seat rest and super comfortable seat pad. Our manual includes easy to follow instructions on how to adjust the seat, as well as how to use the electronic console and maintenance tips.

In addition to the recumbent bikes, 3G Cardio is also known for award-winning treadmills and vibration training machines.

3G Cardio is here for you during and after the sale. Happy pedaling!

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