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JoBa Fitness Treadmill Mat – One Size Fits All

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Protects Dirt & Debris area better than traditional mats!

  • One Size Fits All
  • Slide in to protect Slide out to clean
  • Perfect for folding treadmills
  • Washable, premium high grade contoured rubber
  • No need to move your existing treadmill
  • Half the cost of traditional treadmill mats
  • Patent Pending Ridge Guard™ Dirt Catching Technology
  • Non-Slip Waffle Pattern

Premium High Density Folding Treadmill Mat with Patent Pending Design. Did you know that 90% of treadmill residue and debris falls behind the rear roller? With the brilliantly designed JoBa Treadmill Mat you can easily protect your floor without the hassle of a large, expensive smelly rubber mat!

One of the most common complaints about treadmills is that they can leave a residue behind the treadmill and traditional treadmill mats do not extend far enough behind the rear roller to catch all the debris. Traditional treadmill mats only protect the flooring underneath your treadmill. But what about the flooring behind your treadmill?

As your foot strikes the tread of the treadmill, the rubber from the soles of your shoes begins to build a residue. Over time this residue sprays off the back of your treadmill onto the flooring surface below. Carpet and tile grout can get permanently damaged. Other flooring surfaces can be difficult to rid of this treadmill debris and rubber residue.

This why we created the JoBa Fitness Treadmill premium rubber mat. Its patent pending catch basin design helps to funnel debris and residue projected from the treadmill into its center. The mat has cut lines integrated into its design so that you can trim it to fit just about any size treadmill.

Do you often fold your treadmill up and not want that unsightly full sized treadmill mat visible? Then use a JoBa mat instead! If you want to clean your mat, simply vacuum or wash it off with some mild soap and water, let it dry and throw it back down behind your treadmill and it will look brand new again.

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Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 22.5 × 12 × 1 in
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