3G Cardio Terms and Conditions

3G Cardio.com Website Shipping and Return Policy

Terms and Conditions: 3G Cardio strives to provide the best service possible but sometimes the unavoidable happens.  If your product has arrived at your home and has a service issue, or is damaged from shipping, we will work hand in hand with you to find a quick solution.  If you have any questions, issues or concerns, contact our customer service department immediately and we will work quickly to resolve the problem.

We will make your experience easy

Before, during and after your purchase from the 3G Cardio Store you will have the luxury of working directly with a personal fitness consultant. Our consultants will help you select the best equipment, help you track your order and assist you over the phone with installation procedures.  You will be given a direct phone number to your dedicated consultant and have direct access to them at any time, even before and after store hours. We have many service/installation contacts available nationwide and depending on your geographical location, we should be able to help you arrange in-home installation with a service provider in your area.

Additional shipping charges will apply to residents outside of the 48 contiguous states.  In rare situations, some areas may be considered undeliverable or have additional shipping charges.  Call us for custom shipping quotes.  Please also be aware that “free shipping” is curbside drop off only and does not include inside delivery or installation, however, 3G Cardio can arrange for a “white glove delivery and installation” for an additional price.  Also, for larger orders, your delivery address must be accessible by a semi-trailer truck.

Once you have made your purchase

After you have made your selection, 3G Cardio will verify all online orders by emailing your sales receipt. At that point you can review your purchase and if a mistake has been made you can call us and we will correct your order otherwise we will assume the order is correct and begin processing.  We will then give you an estimated time of arrival for your order.  Shortly after that, you will receive a tracking number for your order.  We will then email you the updated information, providing you with the actual tracking # and all other pertinent information.

While your order is on the road

You will receive a call from the designated freight company to set up a delivery time.  At that point they will coordinate a date and time window for the drop off.  Please be aware that there is usually an unavoidable, several hour time window provided to you by the freight company.   This is an extremely important appointment to keep because the freight company has technically done their job by driving the freight to your house.  If this appointment is missed, the designated freight company will charge you a “Re-Delivery Fee” which will not be covered by 3G Cardio.

Once your order arrives at the designated delivery address

IMPORTANT:  Before you sign for your order, please inspect your shipment carefully. If you notice damage to the box or contents you should refuse the items and the designated freight company will send the products back to us at no charge to you.  Also, if you notice any kind of damage to the box, or missing/short items please ask the driver to note it on the freight bill.  Remember, once you sign for your order, Title of Goods passes to you, the purchaser. Once you sign for your order, even if the product inside the box seems ok, it is still better to report any damage.  This way, if there is “concealed damage” which you discover after your order has been opened; it will be easier to make a freight claim.  Now don’t worry, even if the box seems ok, but you find there is an issue with the product you will still be covered for it.  If you do discover that there is concealed damage to your order, call our customer service department within two (2) business days of receipt of merchandise and we will work together to rectify the situation.  3G Cardio will always use the best and most reliable common freight carriers available to us and we will go to great lengths to protect your merchandise.

30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee / Damaged or Defective Goods / Return Policy

If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, you may return your order within 30 days of your original delivery/drop off date.  Please contact your personal fitness consultant, or contact 3G Cardio customer service at 1-888-888-7985 to make the necessary arrangements within 30 days of the original delivery/ drop off date.  We will do everything we can to make this an easy process but there are some mandatory steps and procedures that will first need to be followed.  All equipment sold by 3G Cardio is backed by the full manufacturer warranties.

Damaged or Defective Goods

In the event that you receive your order and it is considered defective/damaged freight please contact our customer service department ASAP and we will work together to issue you a refund or arrange for the shipping of a replacement product at no cost to you.  To qualify for the refund of your order, do not accept your order and refuse the damaged goods. The shipper will send the damaged goods back to us. 3G Cardio will resolve this with the freight company. We will then reship your order to you with no additional charges.  It is very likely that we can just simply mail you a new part to resolve the problem.  We will work together with you to find an acceptable resolution.

3G Cardio Return Policy

To qualify for a refund, products purchased from www.3gcardio.com must be returned to 3G Cardio, LLC in their original condition and packaging including all accessories, owner’s manuals, and unregistered blank warranty cards. 3G Cardio will issue a 100% refund of the original purchase price within 2-3 business days of 3G Cardio, LLC receiving the returned items. All return shipping charges will be payed for by you the customer.

What would be “non refundable” if I choose to return my purchase?

Inside delivery/installation fees are non refundable as this is a service rendered. All fees associated with returned products will be deducted from the original invoice amount. 3G Cardio will require you to fill out our online RMA form (Return Merchandise Authorization). Our customer service representatives will contact you within 2 business days with your return information and procedures. Items not returned in their original condition, original factory packaging or return orders that are missing items will be subject to a minimum 15% restocking fee. The reason for this is if we receive an item back and it is not in its original factory condition, we have to sell these products as “used” items to future clients. This is not meant to be an inconvenience to you; we will simply not misrepresent an item that is no longer considered “brand new”. We will always honor ethical business practices. If your product has been damaged in shipping, refer to the Damaged or Defective Goods section.

Refunds/Returns If you suspect that you may want to return your item please save all packaging material so that “repackaging” is possible and a full refund can be offered by 3G Cardio. It is also recommended that you take a picture or a video recording of the “unboxing” of your product so it is possible to repeat the step of packaging in the event of a return of merchandise to 3G Cardio. If you have bought a 3G Cardio, LLC products and desire a return/refund but have not made the purchase through www.3gcardio.com, please contact the company/business where the item was originally purchased.

Purchases made through our dealer network

If you have made a purchase through a different company selling 3G Cardio products or through the network of dealer stores nationwide your return policy may be different than if you purchased a product through the 3G Cardio website. If you decide that you would like a refund, simply contact the company/business in which you made your purchase and they will inform you of their specific company return policies. 3G Cardio and 3G Cardio,LLC makes no promise or claim as to the refund policies or any other policies offered by their network of dealers as these are separate businesses and have no relation to 3G Cardio. LLC and 3G Cardio other than they will sell 3G Cardio Products. Other businesses and companies selling 3G Cardio products may and most likely will have policies and refund policies different than the policies set forth by the 3G Cardio.

Arizona Sales Tax

If an order is delivered / shipped within the state of Arizona, the law requires that a local sales tax of 8.8% must be added to the order total. If you have resale or tax exempt status, please make your order by Phone, Fax or E-Mail, since we do not have this option available on our web site as of this time. Purchases in our store are subject to a 8.8% local sales tax. This tax is not a VAT, and cannot be recovered by non-USA visitors when returning home. 3G Cardio does not collect sales tax for orders shipped outside of the state of Arizona.