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A squat is one of the countless exercises that can be performed with greatly enhanced results and less wear and tear on the joints on a 3G Cardio Vibration Machine. These machines were the highest ranked in the world by www.vibration-machine-reviews.com.

The 3G cardio vibration training machines have garnered extremely high praise from www.vibration-machine-reviews.com.
The 3G Cardio® AVT™ 6.0 Vibration Machine with New iPad (MSRP, $4,999) was given a rating of 97 out of 100 – the highest for any vibration machine. Here’s part of the review comments: “A new #1 for our site. For the first time, a brand other than Power Plate® has claimed our top spot. We applaud 3G Cardio® for their ingenuity (and for saving us money). While many other companies have not caught on to… technology; 3G Cardio® has delivered us all a beautiful and very useful iPad app. Even if you do not own an iPad, you can buy one for $399 and have about 1 million times the functions as a typical built in electronics display. We wish more fitness companies would spare us the cost of their 1980s era display and get with the times. Thank you 3G Cardio® and all others please take notice.
“We will put it to you simple, you can either buy a Power Plate® Pro5™ for $9995 or you can buy a 3G Cardio® 6.0 for $4999 and get about the same Hertz, Amplitude, Platform Size and oh yeah, 24 built in programs and a free iPad App!
Here are some of the comments about the 3G Cardio® AVT™ 5.0 Vibration Machine with New iPad App (MSRP: $3999), which received a 94 score: “When we take into account all the main criteria which determines the quality, performance, feel and function, the 3G Cardio® AVT 5.0™ is our overall favorite at the mid-level price point. While there are better quality machines, we have not found a brand or model that offer more for the same price point. With an impressive overall weight (222lbs), large flexible vibration platform, adjustable 30-50 Hertz frequency, good upper and middle level customizable program consoles, an embedded high density rubber non-slip surface platform, this vibration plate offers quite a bit more bang for the buck. Very good quality, great feel and smartly designed upper handles (like the Power Plate® My 7™), the 5.0 AVT™ received very high marks in all categories.
Last, but certainly not least, the 3G Cardio® AVT™ 3.0 Vibration Machine (MSRP $2,499) received a score of 89. Here are some comments on this entry level machine:
“We were fully expecting the 3G Cardio AVT 3.0 to feel and perform like all the other vibration machines in this same price point and we were pleasantly surprised when we were proven wrong. We were very impressed with its ability to achieve 50Hz. This is not commonly found on the less expensive machines. We were also pleased with the overall stability which again, typically is lacking on machines at this price point. Lastly, with a good warranty and nice overall look, we ultimately gave this one a best buy award and know this will give the BH and Wave brands a real run for their money.

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