3G Cardio offers free workout App for Vibration Training

It’s easier than ever to train on the award-winning 3G Cardio AVT™ 6.0, 5.0 and 3.0 Vibration Machines thanks to our free workout App.
Exercising with Accelerated Vibration Training doesn’t get any better, easier, fun or more beneficial than the 3G Cardio Accelerated Vibration Training AVT™ Exercise App that can be downloaded free to your I-pad from iTunes.
Our awesome App is broken into three workout options – strength training, stretching or massage.
Simply touch the program you want and it will pull up videos with audio that will take you through a complete program.
It’s almost like having a personal trainer right in your workout room to help show you the proper technique and provide added motivation.
People of all ages and physical backgrounds are benefiting from the 3G Cardio Accelerated Vibration Training AVT™ Exercise App.
Put away the workout poster or magazine and download the 3G Cardio Vibration Training App today.
3G Cardio’s vertical motion vibration machines create instability, which causes the muscles to contract in response to the plate vibrations and movements — up to an incredible 25-50 times per second.
Thus, the “progression of muscle fatigue” is no longer accomplished during stages or over a period of time – it is instantaneous as all muscle fibers are recruited at the same time in order to respond to the upward force of the vibration platform movements.
Up to 97 percent of the muscle fibers are activated instantaneously, compared to as little as 20 percent with traditional methods — and in a lot less time and without the risk to joints and ligaments of traditional weightlifting.

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